Nick Vettese Photography: Blog en-us (C) Nick Vettese Photography (Nick Vettese Photography) Fri, 08 Dec 2017 21:10:00 GMT Fri, 08 Dec 2017 21:10:00 GMT Nick Vettese Photography: Blog 80 120 Starting a New YouTube Channel - Southern New Jersey Only Looking to start a new YouTube Channel in Southern New Jersey, and looking for one or two female models to start working with.  You will be the main talent, along with creative input and direction.  If you are interested, and have free time on weekends and some nights (depending on the topic), let's get together and discuss.  

Thank you

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Looking for Women for Boudoir Work I am working on a Boudoir Package, and I need a few women who are willing to pose for us.  Boudoir isn't about getting nude in front of the camera, Boudoir is about being Strong, Intimate, and Fierce.  It's about you, and only you.  Sometimes we see ourselves differently than how the world sees us, and through images such as Boudoir, You Can Shine.

Why do I say that Boudoir is Strong, Intimate and Fierce?  Here are my three reasons...

  • STRONG - It takes a STRONG woman to go beyond what Society views as the norm, and show the world her true self
  • INTIMATE - Because it is our Strength that allows us to gives others a peek at our INTIMATE side of life
  • FIERCE - Through ours Strength we are able to allow the Intimacy show the world that we are FIERCE enough to be bold

We want to help you achieve your shining moment, and bring your world into focus.  We are looking for 5 women to be a part of this one time setup, where you can get the following at no cost to you.  If you still aren't on board, please make sure that you read until the end.  

1 - 90 Minute Session with three outfits

1 - A link containing between 15-20 images

1 - Custom Photo Book with up to 15 of your images

1 - Makeup and Hairstylist for your shoot

If you are still unsure, please understand that the Hair and Makeup person will also be a female, and there will be a female with us the entire time.  It is never our intention to make you feel uncomfortable, and every session will be handled wit the utmost professionalism. 

You deserve to be happy, and we want to help you on your path, and help bring to the world your Fiercely Intimate Strength, so that you can be proud.  

Remember, this is a one time deal, and we are only allowing 5 women to join us. Send emails to me at,, and we will get back to you. 

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Crave Photography Lens Giveaway My friends at Crave Photography are holding a contest where the grand prize is an 85/1.8 lens from either Canon or Nixon. You can enter the contest using the link below.

Good luck to all who enter 



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Alex's Lemonade Stand Event A couple of weeks ago, I attended a charity event for Alex's Lemonade Stand.  This was my second time attending the event as the photographer, and I was happy that I was asked back to photograph for such great people, and such a great charity.  

Charity Helpers at the Event You couldn't ask for a better day to be outside, photographing, or even attending such an event, as there were many activities going on.  There were many things for children, such as face painting, carnival games, a magic show, Sesame Street and Disney characters, and of course, the Philly Phanatic.  

People who truly care about the charity also made baskets for the event, which seemed to run at about 100+ baskets.  There was a live band, as well as DJ Eric Bartello.





I have included some images of the event, and if you wanted to check out the charity, as well as the organizer's page, please do so.  This is a great charity put together by some really great people.  

It was my honor to spend the day working with them, and watching people come together to participate and give to something that they believe in.  

I believe it is each of our responsibilities to give back, and I hope that you find something that you feel is worthwhile to be able to give something of yourself, or even a few bucks. 


Local Charity - Team Theresa

National Charity - Alex's Lemonade Stand



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